Designed for extreme environments and require low maintenance.

Syncro-Coil vibrating conveyors (with springs) are designed to work in harsh environments and inaccessible places. The robustness of these conveyors and minimum moving parts manage to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Vibrotech can design and manufacture Syncro-Coil vibratory conveyors that are customized to your needs. The dimensions of the trough (width, depth and length) and thickness can be adjusted in function of your application.

Syncro-Coil vibratory conveyors can be balanced to minimize the vibrations transmitted. Using balanced equipment is required when the structure will be high (structure, mezzanine, floor, etc.), the existing concrete floor does not meet the minimum of the installation, or sensitive equipment is located near the vibratory conveyor.

Several options can be provided to customize Syncro-Coil vibratory conveyors: AR steel resistant for the trough, removable liners within the trough, fiberglass section for metal detector installation, screening section, magnetic trap, chipper spout, etc.

The Syncro-Cushion drive combines the benefits of the vibratory movement near the natural frequency with a drive of vibratory trough. The flexible connection using helical springs allows an engine to start with low torque and generates much less stress than a direct drive. The Syncro-Cushion drive is designed with a minimum amount of parts and is provided with lubrication lines to facilitate maintenance.

Our Syncro-Coil vibrating conveyors are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.