Designed for high power capacity and a minimum amount of energy.

Brute Force vibrating feeders feed material to process various capacities. They are designed to meet specific customer requirements. This equipment is robust, reliable, low maintenance; it ensures constant flow and operation. Normalized flame-proof motors are available for high-risk environments.

The performance and low cost of maintenance of Brute Force vibrating feeds make it a very good choice. They are available in fixed configurations of centrifugal force (FRC) and use a single brute force.

These feeders are available in various widths, depths and lengths. The steel trough can be customized based on your application (type of steel, steel thickness, wear-resistant steel lining, etc.). The centrifugal force transmitted by the counterweight motors can be adjusted with counterweight to increase or decrease material flow.

The feeders can be suspended with steel cables (under the hopper) or set on a structure anchored to the ground. In both cases, isolation springs or rubbers are used to prevent the transmission of vibrations and allow the system to work optimally.

Brute Force vibrating feeders are designed with a minimum number of parts in order to minimize production downtimes and maintenance costs.

Our Brute Force vibrating feeders are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.