Designed for bulk material handling.

Vibrotech manufactures scraper conveyors that are primarily designed for the optimum operation of transportation equipment of bulk material. They require minimal maintenance. All of the components of the frame are designed and precision-cut to allow fast assembly.

Scraper conveyors are handling equipment dedicated to bulk material conveying. They integrate one or two chains of scrapers (cross-piece) that circulate in a closed through. In function of the design of the scrapers and the trough, the conveyors can be horizontal, ascending or vertical. in adding curves, the path can be also combined.

This type of equipment is particularly adapted for uses as extractor conveyors or as feed conveyors. Material can be easily conveyed with either the top or bottom strand of the chain assembly.

The main advantages of our scraper conveyors are that you can use them in restricted spaces, ensure safety of operators (with a full recovery of moving parts), load from any point, and unload from any point by adding motorized or pneumatic valves, carry out dust-free handling when the lids are closed, guarantee uptimes, and reduce maintenance costs. What’s more, the simple, compact and robust structure minimize mechanical issues part wear. In fact, parts are very easy to replace.

Our scraper conveyors fabricated are available in various widths, depths, lengths and angles adapted to your material handling needs. The type of chain, toothed wheels, and transportation by the top or bottom strand can be customized according to your criteria.

Our scraper conveyors are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.