Designed and customized for recycling and waste recovery.

Proven in a wide range of applications, vibrating finger screens are known for achieving maximum classification efficiency in the CRD and MSW. The waste can be classified as required using steel fingers with different openings sizes adapted.

The cascading and positioning of the steel fingers openings ensure optimization of the waste classification. The vibrating finger screen delivers highly efficient separation and classification for products that are difficult to treat, such as: wood, cardboard, brick, concrete, steel, recycling waste, municipal waste containing glass, plastic or paper, ash, various wood waste.

With an efficient and simple design, the vibrating finger screen has been developed to perform in multiple openings, ensuring optimal separation with a simple level. A second level of separation can be installed to provide the ability to classify a second material size distribution.

The main strengths of the system are vibratory movements, which evenly spread the material for maximum separation efficiency. The offset configuration of the fingers help to prevent contamination. The cascades help to stir the material and facilitate separation of particles that can be trapped. The configuration of the fingers with progressive openings minimize clogging and the finger openings allow the free fall of the material on the bottom plate. The vibrating finger screens are designed and customized to meet your specific separation needs and requirements.

A design near the natural frequency of the system for increased energy power.

The vibrating finger screen is designed and adjusted to operate near the natural frequency of the system. This concept allows you to operate the equipment so that 90% of the force required to move the product is naturally created. The 10% of the remaining strength is then provided by a low power and high efficiency drive. This design increases the equipment’s energy power.

The Syncro-Cushion drive combines the benefits of the vibratory movement near the natural frequency with a drive of vibratory trough. The flexible connection using helical springs allows an engine to start with low torque and generates much less stress than a direct drive. The Syncro-Cushion drive is designed with a minimum amount of parts and is provided with lubrication lines to facilitate maintenance.