Vibratory fluid bed sand coolers are specially designed for cooling by evaporation or drying foundry sand. The air-fluidized bed is designed to provide full control of airflow for exceptional drying and/or cooling efficiency.

The equipment design (balancer, isolation, etc.) can be adjusted based on the specific installation requirements for foundations or existing structures. The equipment is custom-designed to meet your sand processing capabilities (sand cooling rate to 500 TPH or more). The adjustable controls on the equipment allow a time variable retention and improve the efficiency of the entire process. The manifold minimizes ducts and supports, and greatly reduces clutter.

The Syncro-Cushion drive combines the benefits of the vibratory movement near the natural frequency with a drive of vibratory trough. The flexible connection using helical springs allows an engine to start with low torque and generates much less stress than a direct drive. The Syncro-Cushion drive is designed with a minimum amount of parts and is provided with lubrication lines to facilitate maintenance.

Our vibratory fluid bed sand coolers are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.