Designed and customized bucket elevators for bulk material.

Our buckets elevators are mainly designed for an optimal sorting line operation and require low maintenance. In fact, all of the frame’s components are designed and precision-cut to allow for fast assembly.

Our centrifugal or continuous bucket elevators are available in various sizes depending of the capacity to handle. The standard bucket elevators allow varying capacities between 280 pi3/hour to 3060 pi3/hour. Bucket elevators are designed and manufactured according to the material to be transported, capacity to be transported, and required height. Bucket elevators can feature belts or chains depending on the application. Many options are available: access ladder and platform, hoist support, internal gravity tensioner, spiral self-cleaning boot pulley, etc.

Vibrotech can also design and manufacture custom bucket elevators suited to customer needs. Our know-how and experience will ensure that you have the right equipment for your application.

Our buckets elevators are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet the security of CNESST standards.