To ensure proper screening, must be transmitted to the substances to be screened at a much higher acceleration than normal. To resolve this problem, Binder & Co. Society developed a solution just as simple as effective. bivi-TEC screens are based on the principle of double vibrations commanded by one drive system.

The elongation and looseness of the canvas screening cause high accelerations. To extend their lifespan, high-quality polyurethane panels operate with an elongation that is not always the same—but adapted to each product that needs to be screened.

The simple and clever operation of bivi-TEC screens guarantee an unobstructed screen area and therefore excellent screening performances. Two oscillating masses of the same frequency execute a relative movement with one other, and tighten or loosen the screening canvas. The importance of the movements of the two oscillating masses is variable and therefore allows optimum operation of the machine. Each parameter can be adapted to products that need to be screened during commissioning.

bivi-TEC screens are designed for cuts of between 0.2 to 50 mm. Screens without fixing screws guarantee good screening and a rapid panel change. It takes approximatively one hour of work to replace 10m2 of screening surface.

Low inclinations of the bivi-TEC screens were selected to achieve common rebounding particle sizes and therefore a better efficiency of specific screening. Only the energy required to achieve the proper disintegration of products and maintain the mesh opening is transmitted by the canvas and primary vibration. In addition, the drive system guarantees extremely low maintenance costs.

Bivi-TEC screens are available in different configurations: single floor, two floor, or a floor with a hard protective canvas to minimize dust. They are the ideal solution for screening materials that are difficult to sift—especially when it contains a significant proportion of fine particles.

bivi-TEC screens are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.

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